Oklahoma pre-K teacher who called left-handedness ‘evil’ resigns

Oklahoma pre-K teacher who called left-handedness ‘evil’ resigns

A Oklahoma pre-kindergarten teacher has resigned after new details emerged in controversy over remarks she made to a left-handed student.

As previously reported by Opposing Views, a 4-year-old boy was forced to write with his right hand last week because his teacher said that left-handedness is “evil.”

Mother Alisha Sands said that her son Zayde, who did everything left handed, suddenly started writing with his right hand. When asked if any of his teachers asked about his hands, he raised his left hand and told his mother, “This one’s bad.”

When Sands sent a note to her son’s teacher, she got a very unexpected response sent home with her son in the form of a letter, titled “When Will I Know Which Hand She Will Use?” written by Dr. Donna D’Allesandro.

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