Fed. judge: Texas placing ‘barrier’ against illegals getting their anchor babies’ birth certificates?

Fed. judge: Texas placing ‘barrier’ against illegals getting their anchor babies’ birth certificates?

[Ed. – Because God forbid we impose undue burdens on people who are breaking the law every hour of every day.  This is just one of several key reasons why the 14th amendment was never intended to create anchor babies.]

Friday was the first time attorneys have appeared in court over the lawsuit, which was originally filed in May by four undocumented women from the Rio Grande Valley who allege that the state has wrongly denied them access to their children’s documents. They allege that in previous years, the state accepted the matricula consular for their now-older children as part of a selection of documents parents could use to prove their relationship. The matricula is a photo ID that the Mexican consulate issues to Mexican nationals living in the United States. …

Representatives for [the Texas] DSHS have said that their policy concerning the matricula has never changed, and that the state rejects the consulate-issued identification because it is not secure and could be used to fraudulently obtain birth certificates.

But the judge wondered aloud in court, multiple times, whether the state’s refusal to accept the matricula was a solution in search of a problem.

“What makes this burden necessary?” Pitman asked, that the state would seek to place such an obstacle between a U.S. citizen and access to her own birth certificate — access to, fundamentally, her very citizenship. “Tell me, is this a problem, is it such a problem that you have to enact this type of barrier?”

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