ACLU sues again to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions

ACLU sues again to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions

[Ed. – These people demand killing and death.  It’s ever enough to let others live by their own beliefs.  Everyone has to be chained to the industry of death.]

If a patient chooses to use a Catholic hospital they can expect that said hospital will not perform abortions under any circumstance. But the ACLU just can’t accept this, and is once again suing Trinity Health Corporation, one of the nation’s largest Catholic hospitals systems, for refusing to cave on this life-affirming position, which is dictated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’Ethical Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

In the lawsuit filed Thursday in a Detroit federal court, the ACLU argues that the hospital’s policy against abortion, even when the mother’s life is in danger, violates the 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.

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