Treasury says debt has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 for 199 days

Treasury says debt has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 for 199 days
Mr. "Unworkable."

The portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress closed Monday, Sept. 28, at $18,112,975,000,000, according to the latest Daily Treasury Statement, which was published at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

That, according to the Treasury’s statements, makes 199 straight days the debt subject to the limit has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.

$18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.

On Sept. 10, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent a letter to the leaders of Congress saying he believed the Treasury could continue in a “debt issuance suspension period” through at least the end of October.

That means the Treasury believes it can continue for at least the next month to issue Daily Treasury Statements that show the federal debt subject to the limit beginning and ending each day frozen just below that limit.

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