Slam book goes high tech: new app, similar to Yelp, will let you rate people

Slam book goes high tech: new app, similar to Yelp, will let you rate people
(Image: Peeple App via Facebook, EW)

[Ed. – This has lawsuit written all over it.  Bet it dies a painful death within months.  As it should.]

Imagine you’re about to go on a first date. You Yelp the restaurant, naturally, to make sure that it has something edible on the menu; then you Google the person, naturally, to make sure that they’re not obnoxious on social media. Simple enough!

In a (perhaps inevitable) new development, these two perfectly innocuous Internet searches are coming together in Peeple, an app that will allow users to rate and search other human beings. It’s Yelp for people, and it’s coming in November.

When the app launches, users will be able to review their friends, coworkers, and romantic partners — who may or may not have ever signed on to the app themselves — using a one- to five-star rating scale.

Co-founders Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough insist that the app exists to promote good feeling among people, and that Peeple is not a bullying platform. “As two empathetic female entrepreneurs in the tech space, we want to spread love and positivity,” Cordray told The Washington Post. “We want to operate with thoughtfulness.”

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