I’m a Republican, and I want Joe Biden to run

I’m a Republican, and I want Joe Biden to run

In my house, Ronald Reagan was a hero. Because of him, I became a Republican before I was old enough to vote, or even a citizen. At last count, I have three good friends running for the Republican nomination. I am supporting Jeb Bush for president. Unless Republicans end up nominating someone I consider borderline insane or a total jerk, I will be casting my vote for the Republican nominee.

I don’t know whose reputation, his or mine, I damage more by saying this: I hope Joe Biden runs for president. In recent cycles, presidential elections have become very close contests, decided by a handful of swing states. Regardless of who the nominees end up being, this thing could go either way. In the event I have to live under a Democratic president for the next four or possibly eight years, I’d rather it be a Democrat I like. Also, preferably not a socialist.

As much as I disagree with Joe Biden on many policy issues, I like the guy. Whether it be in expressing joy or deep sorrow, he is authentic and unafraid to show human emotion. Part of a president’s job is to be the consoler-in-chief in times of national grief. Joe Biden knows how to help people pick themselves up again after tragedy.

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