Why do conservatives let men off so easy in the great abortion debate?

Why do conservatives let men off so easy in the great abortion debate?
Credit: Reuters/Mike Blake

Draconian anti-abortion measures will go into effect in Ohioon Tuesday, part of a broader national effort to incrementally dismantle legal abortion by over-regulation. Barring judicial intervention, one of the consequences of the new measures will be the closing of Cincinnati’s Planned Parenthood clinic, cutting millions of area residents off from their sole remaining abortion provider, as well as from the family planning and birth control servicesthe agency provides; Planned Parenthood is appealing the regulations, and responding with a nation-wide “Pink Out” day of protest, also onTuesday.

This concerted, coordinated attack on Americans’ constitutionally protected abortion rights (and the further attack on birth control) isn’t new, but has picked up pace and efficacy in recent years, with dozens upon dozens of new, increasingly onerous restrictions placed on womenacross the country. And yet — for all the sound and fury (and threatsand murderous violence) — there’s one thing that America’s anti-abortion activists never seem to recall: Babies require sperm.

Behind every woman attempting to prevent or terminate a pregnancy, there is a sperm-laden man. Temporarily putting aside both gender fluidity and the fact that one no longer need engage in actual heterosexual congress to make a baby (although, as a lesbian friend once said to me, “it’s not like we get drunk & oops! Accidentally buy sperm”), there is simply no way to become pregnant without the involvement of male genitalia.

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