No $150 billion to Iran: A good reason to shut down the government

No $150 billion to Iran: A good reason to shut down the government
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[Ed. – Some of us already pointed out that this should be a realistic threat.  But it’s not just “shut down the government.”  It’s “cut Obama off at the knees and prevent him absolutely from spending any money the way he wants to.”]

As the curtain falls on Fiscal Year 2015, Congress should send Obama a new spending bill that gives him all the funding he wants, with one exception: No $150 billion bailout to Iran’s al-Qaeda-coddling ayatollahs.

After such a measure has passed the House and Senate, departing Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Kentucky) should not rely on anonymous aides to transmit this measure to Obama. Instead, the entire GOP congressional leadership physically should travel to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, with scores of journalists in tow, and hand deliver the enrolled bill to the West Gate of the White House. American news viewers will see this dramatic proof that Congress did its job and provided the funds to keep the government running. This evidence will remain on videotape for constant TV replay in the weeks ahead.

Inside the Oval Office, Obama will face a choice:

If he signs a budget that excludes the $150 billion terrorist bailout, the wretched Iran-nuke deal mercifully will implode.

If Obama vetoes that spending plan, he will shut down the government in defense of sending a cash bonanza to a pro-al-Qaeda regime. That would be his choice, and conservatives and Republicans should relish giving him and his Democrat supporters the opportunity to explain their thinking to the American people.

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