Georgia school joins trend of teaching Islam to children

Georgia school joins trend of teaching Islam to children

An outer suburb of Atlanta is the latest locale in America where some parents are expressing alarm because their middle school-aged children are learning about Islam but, the parents say, the school is pointedly ignoring Christianity.

Ryan Breece, a Christian father of three who has a sixth-grade daughter at Youth Middle School in Loganville, Ga., told local Fox affiliate WAGA-TV his daughter recently came home with a social studies assignment all about the core teachings of Islam.

According to Breece, the taxpayer-funded assignment meticulously instructs students about Islam but almost entirely ignores Christianity.

“We are seeing one page, five statements of Christian faith and we see five or 10 pages of Islamic faith,” the mad dad told WAGA-TV. “So we have no accountability to make sure that it’s equal.”

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