Democrats will miss Boehner the most

Democrats will miss Boehner the most

[Ed. – Well, of course.  Boehner was always easy to spook with the “shutdown” rattle.  Chaos!  Catastrophe!  Disaster!]

It’s not hard to see why the Democrats will miss Boehner. He’s a pragmatist. Despite their disagreements with him, they see him as someone who fundamentally wants to make Congress work, isn’t interested in pursuing strategies that can’t succeed, and doesn’t want to shut down the government. But the hardcore conservatives see all that as a bug, not a feature. They’d rather shut down the government—over Planned Parenthood, the debt ceiling, whatever—than accept a compromise.

The question is what they’ll get from the next speaker. Already, some influential conservative observers [that is, observers of conservatives; not actual conservatives – Ed.] are warning of danger ahead…

Boehner isn’t a squish ideologically, but he’s able to count votes. The next speaker will face the same problems, but Boehner’s long tenure in the House made him an accomplished operator who knew the chamber’s ins and outs and had ties across the aisle. Whoever succeeds him is likely to have less experience in those ways. And he (or maybe she, but probably he) will have to deal with the same factions, and still have to either disappoint conservatives or else plunge the chamber into total chaos and likely shutdown. (There’s a reason Kevin McCarthy, the majority leader and early favorite to succeed Boehner, hasn’t been agitating for his ouster.)

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