Atheist scientists are incompetent

Atheist scientists are incompetent
Galaxy cluster Abell S1077, as seen by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. (Image via Sci Tech Daily)

The cosmological singularity is the uncaused first cause, which is how Thomas Aquinas (“The Five Ways”) and Maimonides (“The Guide for the Perplexed”) defined “God.” All competent Christian and Jewish theologians have known for the past 2,000 years that God in His essence is not an old man wearing a white gown. …

[T]he question of God’s existence is now a question of physics: Does the cosmological singularity exist?

If we accept the laws of physics, the answer is yes. …

If gravity is combined with quantum mechanics, then the cosmological singularity is present somewhere, whether or not gravity is an attractive force. This is because quantum mechanics, as Richard Feynman showed, is mathematically equivalent to a “sum over all histories”; quantum mechanics asserts that all possibilities exist.

One possibility is a history in which reality begins in a singularity. So quantum gravity necessarily contains a cosmological singularity. If quantum mechanics is correct — and it is — then the cosmological singularity exists.

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