New CNN poll: Sanders up by 16% over Hillary in New Hampshire

New CNN poll: Sanders up by 16% over Hillary in New Hampshire

The worst presidential candidate in the history of ever is having a rough go of it now. This poll was probably done before the FBI announced they’d recovered some of her erased emails.

As Mrs. Bill hails from New York these days, it will be hard for her to spin this as a mere regional preference. At least she still has the women’s vote, right?

Not so much (italics added):

Clinton trails Sanders across most demographic groups, with broad gender and ideology divides bolstering Sanders’ run. He holds 56% of male Democratic voters compared with just 20% who back her, while the two are much closer among women, 39% back Sanders, 37% Clinton.

This is the point in these extended presidential campaigns when the early headlines-grabbing, non-establishment favorites are supposed to fade. As we have seen once already, however, no “inevitable” candidate is better at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than Hillary Clinton.

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