Venezuela making abrupt, aggressive moves on border with Colombia

Venezuela making abrupt, aggressive moves on border with Colombia
Maduro harangues his UNASUR homies. (Image via CSP)

[Ed. – This bears watching.  You don’t declare martial law just for the hell of it, even if you’re a socialist dictator in Latin America.  In fact — especially if you’re a socialist dictator in Latin America — you typically declare martial law because you want to deploy troops somewhere.  In this case, Maduro apparently wants to deploy troops to the border with Colombia.  The days are past when that couldn’t possibly mean Venezuela wanted to be able to hold Colombia at risk.  Be worried.  Emphasis added.]

Given the limited reserves available to  the Venezuelan government as a result of having destroyed their productive apparatus and having spent enormous amounts of money on populist policies and foreign aid there is currently not even enough to import what the Venezuelan people need. In response, the Venezuelan government is resorting to fascist methods such as falsely accusing opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez of creating chaos in an already chaotic, insecure, and criminal country.

Another of Nicolas Maduro’s tactics has been to brazenly accuse innocent Colombian refugees living in Venezuela of smuggling and has proceeded to deport them in the most degrading circumstances. The world saw shocking images of hundreds of Colombians with families and little children crossing a border river carrying refrigerators and heavy household items, as well as animals.

The accusation is that they smuggle goods, import poverty to Venezuela, and enable the infiltration of Colombian para-military into Venezuela. However, there was also a bold attempt to blame Colombian foreigners for the Venezuelan economic deterioration. Thus, it [i.e., the Maduro regime] declared martial law in all the municipalities bordering with Colombia.

The actions taken by the Venezuelan government with respect to Colombia are not only morally deplorable but also absurd and cynical in themselves. First the only paramilitary group that has entered Colombia is the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the narco-terrorist Colombian guerrilla group that is friendly to the Venezuelan government and hostile to the Colombian one.

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