Russian scientists endow world with robotic cockroach

Russian scientists endow world with robotic cockroach
(Image via RT video)

[Ed. – Hey, nothing but respect from here.  I just know there are applications for this beyond making me scream, jump around, and spray things with chemicals.]

Russian scientists from the Kaliningrad-based Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University have presented a prototype of a 100-percent machine cockroach robot that they have developed for a company whose name hasn’t been disclosed.

The university’s website says the company’s requirements for the project were very clear: they wanted the robot to look like an existing cockroach, act like one and be the right size. …

Sticking to the budget was not easy. The team chose the large South American cockroach, Blabbers Giganteus, as their initial prototype, but couldn’t get hold of one so they had to study a smaller species, the Blabbers Craniifer, commonly known as ‘death head’ because of the pattern on its head that resembles a skull.

“We had to develop many things from scratch. For example there’s a company in Austria that produces gearing for legs, but a unit for one robot would have cost us near US$9,000 while our whole budget is US$22,500,” said the university’s leading engineer, Danil Borchevkin.

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