Obama on ‘climate change’: You can’t HANDLE the truth!

Obama on ‘climate change’: You can’t HANDLE the truth!

[Ed. – James Delingpole’s point is the right one here.  The Rolling Stone interviewer put this proposition in a moronic way.  But it was on Obama, as the POTUS-in-Chief, to reject the moronic proposition and affirm that he does tell the people the whole truth.  He didn’t!  He answered within the parameters of Goodell’s proposition, as if the proposition is valid.]

[Rolling Stone editor Jeff] Goodell goes on to ask possibly the silliest, most hysterical and embarrassing question Obama has been asked during his two terms as president. It reflects badly on Goodell’s credulousness. But it reflects even more badly on the President himself, who would most certainly have vetted it in advance.

What Goodell wants to know, on behalf of Rolling Stone readers, is how the president “decides how much truth to tell the American public about climate change and how much he feels it’s his job to inspire people and how much he withholds some of the truth because if they knew what we were really facing it would be too much for them to bear.”

Let’s pause just a moment to savour the sublime fatuousness of that question. …

And worse, here’s the President of the USA actually playing along with this game.

“I do what I can do,” says Obama in unflappable statesman mode. “What I don’t want anyone to do is get paralysed by the magnitude of the thing.”

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