Insider claims Hillary suffering from ‘blinding headaches,’ near-fainting fits’

Insider claims Hillary suffering from ‘blinding headaches,’ near-fainting fits’
Credit: AP

Hillary Clinton‘s medical condition could quickly send her the way of Michele Bachmann in 2012, according to a best-selling author who is leaking details about a book slated for released next week.

Ed Klein, whose book ‘Unlikeable’ hits shelves on Sept. 28, told the National Enquirer that the former secretary of state is battling a host of ‘mounting health issues’ including ‘blinding headaches” that have ‘frequently plagued her.’

Bachmann, a former Minnesota Republican congresswoman, bowed out of the 2012 GOP primary race after reports surfaced that she was wrestling with debilitating migraine headaches – including one that kept her offstage during part of a televised debate.

A Clinton friend told Klein that the Democrats’ current leading light might even be suffering from multiple sclerosis.

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