Dalai Lama: A female successor would have to be ‘attractive’

Dalai Lama: A female successor would have to be ‘attractive’
Luckily, he's excused from the "attractiveness" requirement. (Image: Reuters, Yuriko Nakao via Telegraph)

[Ed. – Gas-filled leftist heads explode.  But isn’t it about time for an attractive Dalai Lama?]

Tibet’s spiritual leader has declared that if it is a woman, she must not just be loving and affectionate – she should also be easy on the eye.

In remarks that have astonished his followers round the world, the 80-year-old Buddhist has said that while he would be happy for a female to take over his role, a plain or ugly candidate would not be suitable.

“That female must be attractive, otherwise it is not much use,” he told a startled BBC interviewer. …

Despite his comments jarring somewhat with his liberal image, the BBC chose not to highlight them in subsequent news coverage, but they were quickly picked up by feminist websites. …

The Dalai Lama made the comments during an interview with the BBC television journalist Clive Myrie, in which he was asked whether it was possible that a woman could succeed to his position.

He confirmed enthusiastically that it was, mentioning that in a previous interview some years before, he had told a French female reporter that a woman Dalai Lama would have “biologically more potential to show affection and compassion”.

He then leaned forward to Mr Myrie with a smile and added: “Then I told that reporter: ‘If it is a female, the face should be very attractive’.”

Clearly surprised, Mr Myrie retorted: “You are joking, I am assuming. Or you’re not joking?”

The Dalai Lama then made it clear he was not. “It’s true,” he replied.

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