Apparently, Hillary as ‘gay icon’ is a thing

Apparently, Hillary as ‘gay icon’ is a thing

[Ed. – Who knew?]

But it’s Clinton’s gay male support base—and a white, affluent subset in particular—that calls out for some sort of sociological study. Unlike the enthusiasm of her women backers, the zeal expressed by so many of my fellow gays for the former Secretary of State and second-time presidential aspirant (described by New York Times Clinton campaign correspondent Amy Chozick as “primal” in a 2014 piece) cannot be rationalized as identifying with a fellow female’s political struggles. The gays’ passion, though, is similarly gender-based: Clinton is a diva, and they are her devotees.

“In her decades in the public eye,” Chozik wrote last summer, in yet another trend piece examining Clinton’s gay appeal, “she has developed a certain pop culture status, particularly among some gay men who identify with her triumphs over adversity, her redemption, and her evolving personal style.”

To me, there’s one T-shirt that says all you need to know about Clinton’s gay male base: I’d Bottom for Hillary.

Lying prostrate, face down in the pillow: Is there a better analogy (pun intended) for the gay Hillary Clinton supporter these days?

Bottoming is an act of complete and utter physical surrender to another. Characterizing one’s admiration for Hillary Clinton as akin to being sodomized gives whole new meaning to the doctrine used to describe her style of diplomacy, “leading from behind.”

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