UC-Santa Barbara basically hates and misunderstands your religion

UC-Santa Barbara basically hates and misunderstands your religion
(Image: UCSB)

[Ed. – Hey, haters gotta hate, right?  Isn’t that what’s going on when someone criticizes you and doesn’t see things your way?]

The University of California Santa Barbara has published a “Homosexuality and Religion” guide, detailing how to reconcile one’s faith with homosexual behavior. …

The guide claims there are three primary stances on homosexuality in regards to religion: rejectionism; love the sinner, hate the sin; and full acceptance.

Rejectionism, the guide claims, is held by Judeo-Christian denominations that embrace a “Biblical interpretation of sexuality” and “entirely objects to the idea that homosexuals deserve equal rights.” …

However, the guide says, these religious views are simply the result of outdated ignorance. …

Christianity is, according to the guide, responsible for many of society’s “limitations and stigmas” regarding sexuality.

The guide goes on to claim that Judaism banned homosexuality not for moral reasons but because the Jewish people were enemies of the Canaanites. “Sexual variation,” the guide explains, “was seen as a threat to group harmony.”

The guide also claims that Muslims “do not follow celibacy, or refraining from sexual activity until marriage.”

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