Turkey burning

Turkey burning
Turkey keeps burning. (File photo from Sep 2015) (Image via FrontPage)

[Ed. – This has a great deal to do with Turkey’s current push to ooze across the border into Syria.  Erdogan and his AKP chiefs aren’t thinking only in terms of domestic control.  For them, the operational-level future requires controlling space on the other side of the Kurds in southeastern Turkey.  The strategic-level future is controlling Syria anyway, as part of reestablishing the caliphate.  So it’s all good.]

The Turkish election results in June were a major setback for the ruling AK (Justice and Development) Party and even more so for President Erdogan, who had reckoned that his party would be returned with an overwhelming majority, which would make it possible to change the constitution and give him full executive power.

Instead of 400 seats in Turkey’s 550-seat parliament, which Erdogan had called for, the AKP ended up with 258, less than its previous 312 and not enough to govern alone. The fly in the ointment, and a big fly at that, was the Kurdish-based HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), which broke through the electoral barrier and ‘stole’ 80 of the AKP’s seats. Every obstacle was put in the HDP’s way – there were over 120 attacks on party offices, members and vehicles before the election and two bombs exploded at an HDP rally in Diyarbakir, the capital of Turkey’s southeast, where the party’s co-chair Selahattin Demirtas could have been killed. …

After the election, Demirtas warned that steps would be taken to destabilize south-eastern Turkey, and this is precisely what has happened. …

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who is generally regarded as Erdogan’s stooge, is now leading an interim government before new elections are held on November 1. Every effort is being made to undermine the HDP, so that it fails to pass the electoral threshold…

More than 130 attacks have been made on the HDP’s offices by nationalist mobs and a number of their offices were set on fire. There are also reports that some of the attacks purported to have been carried out by the ultranationalist Grey Wolves might in fact have been carried out by AKP supporters masquerading as Grey Wolves.

There is also a concerted attempt to silence what is left of Turkey’s free press ahead of the new elections.

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