Chinese fighter in second near collision with U.S. surveillance plane

Chinese fighter in second near collision with U.S. surveillance plane
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[Ed. – They like us.  They really like us!]

A Chinese interceptor jet conducted a second dangerous pass near a U.S. surveillance aircraft over Asian waters—a week before a state visit to the United States by Chinese leader Xi Jinping that begins Tuesday.

The latest incident took place Sept. 15 over the Yellow Sea, not far north from Japan’s Senkaku Islands, when a Chinese interceptor flew in front of an RC-135 electronic intelligence-gathering jet, nearly colliding with the aircraft.

It was the second time a Chinese aircraft nearly collided with a U.S. surveillance jet. The last incident took place in August 2014 over the nearby South China Sea. …

Two Pentagon officials, speaking on background, described the Yellow Sea encounter as a dangerous and unprofessional aerial intercept that was similar to the 2014 near collision between a Chinese J-11 interceptor and Navy P-8 maritime patrol aircraft in the nearby South China Sea. …

In the recent incident, the Chinese interceptor crossed very close to the nose of the RC-135 near the Senkaku Islands—the location of a major dispute over ownership of the islands located south of Japan’s Okinawa and north of Taiwan.

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