P.C. gender hysteria erupts over homeschooling resource

P.C. gender hysteria erupts over homeschooling resource
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[Ed. – Among homeschoolers.]

So excuse my shock and dismay, but I almost fell out of my chair when I opened this email from a popular Christianhomeschooling source a few days ago.

Dear Megan,

Wow, were we blindsided yesterday!

We sent out the note about our big sale on
yesterday morning and several folks were thrilled to get a copy
… but we also received a bunch of replies
chastising us for even offering such a resource. …

What followed seemed like it was taken straight off the pages of Jezebel (a popular man-hating sight)

“I can’t believe my eyes. For girls? Really? Home skills are great – boys need them too.
Perhaps more so. Yuck – what a message this sends to our daughters. I will NOT be
buying this. And if you have more of these messages coming, please take me off
your email list.”

“In a time when women are still fighting to be seen as equals to men in
all aspects of our society (all over the world), I find it disturbing that a
guide such as this would be encouraged for young girls. …

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