Hmm: Bergdahl defense’s tales of the weird

Hmm: Bergdahl defense’s tales of the weird

[Ed. – Jazz is right: this doesn’t pass the smell test.  Actually, it doesn’t pass any test.  Well, unless you’re checking to see if the back end of a bull has been in the vicinity recently.]

Rather than a story of a guy who was looking to either go find the enemy or “walk to China” as he claimed in a letter he left for his comrades, as well as saying that he [Bergdahl] was ashamed to be an American, in this new version of the story he was looking for another American base. (Washington Post.)

Army Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl was fed up. He was five weeks into a deployment in southeastern Afghanistan and frustrated with his mission and his leaders. He and his fellow soldiers weren’t going after the Taliban as aggressively as he wanted, and his sense of disillusion added to the disgust for the Army that he had begun developing while still in basic training.

Looking to make a stand, Bergdahl hatched a plan: He would run away from his platoon’s tiny outpost in Paktika province late on June 29, 2009. He would stay away from the Army a day, maybe two, and then reappear about 19 miles away at a larger installation and demand to air his grievances with a general. …

According to the defense scenario, Bergdahl left his post carrying only a knife, some sort of disguise and some food. (He has reasons for not bringing a weapon which make very little sense.) Assuming this scheme had worked he would have reached another base where he could report on the evil activities of his fellow soldiers and the officers in charge. I’m not sure if he’s painting himself as some sort of whistleblower here or what.

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