Disney removes gender-labeling on Halloween costumes

Disney removes gender-labeling on Halloween costumes

Disney has done away with gender-based labels on its Halloween costumes and is instead marketing its vast selection of looks as ‘kids’ – encouraging children to choose any trick-or-treating attire that appeals to them.

The change comes just a month after Target announced that it would no longer be using gender-specific signs in its children’s bedding and toy departments, acknowledging that both boys and girls can be interested in princesses and cars.

Like most major retailers, Disney has a history of marketing princess costumes to girls and superhero attire to boys, however, The Mary Sue reported that the brand has removed the gender-specific Halloween sections on its website, opting to group the ensembles as ‘Costumes for Kids’.

Last year, the site labeled ‘Costumes for Girls’ in pink and ‘Costumes for Boys’ in blue, and Disney has since gotten rid of the color distinctions, giving children a variety of costumes to choose from with out any gender-specific influencing.

It appears that the brand is truly embracing the spirit of Halloween, recognizing that kids should be whatever they want – regardless of their sex.

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