Saudi teen to be crucified for anti-government protest

Saudi teen to be crucified for anti-government protest
Scheduled for crucifixion. Ali al-Nimr, 19, of Saudi Arabia. (Image via UK Express)

[Ed. – Really puts the case of Ahmed Mohamed — Texas clock boy — in perspective, doesn’t it?  Obama?  Obama?  Bueller?]

Human rights campaigners are calling on the European Union to step-in to prevent Ali Mohammed al-Nimr being executed by Saudi Arabian authorities.

Mr al-Nimr has been in a Saudi Arabian jail since he was arrested on Valentines’ Day in 2012 when he was just 17-years-old during a crackdown on anti-government protests in the Shi’ite province of Qatif.

Authorities accused him of taking part in illegal protests and firearms offences – despite no evidence being produced for the latter charge.

After numerous breaches of international standards following his and his family’s strong denial of the charges, a final appeal was held in secret and without Mr al-Nimr’s knowledge which was dismissed, giving him few legal options now to oppose the sentence originally handed down on May 27 last year. …

It is believed the case against the youngster is based on his family connections to his uncle, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a Saudi regime critic and a prominent religious leader in the country.

The 53-year-old has also been sentenced to death by crucifixion for “insulting the King” and delivering religious sermons that “disrupt national unity”.

It emerged this week the older man’s execution was planned for Thursday heightening fears his nephew will also be killed.

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