Jeb! backtracks on Thatcher for the $10 bill

Jeb! backtracks on Thatcher for the $10 bill
Joltin' Jeb. (Image via Politico)

[Ed. – Basically, the only thing Jeb! has stuck with is his position that native-born Americans are lazy and entitled, and we need illegal immigrants because their family values are better.  But hey, who doesn’t want an avalanche of interest in picking a woman for the $10 bill?  Sounds so perky and community spirited.]

Jeb Bush might be changing his mind about his statement that he’d like to see former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the $10 bill.

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Bush instead said that he’d like to see the American people decide which woman deserves to be on U.S. currency, suggesting that a question about the bill during the second GOP presidential debate Wednesday night was not “the most relevant thing in the world.”

“I want to put more 20 dollar bills in people’s pockets,” he added.

Bush said that he’d use the internet to solicit suggestions.

“I would give it up to — on the internet and let people decide this. That would generate a lot of interest,” he said. “It could create all sorts of opportunities for math teachers to teach math, for social studies teachers to do the same. You could have an avalanche of interest in picking the woman that should be on the $10 bill.”

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