New Jeb Bush ad: ‘Todos somos Americanos’

New Jeb Bush ad: ‘Todos somos Americanos’
Joltin' Jeb. (Image via Politico)

An implicit rebuke to Trump for scolding him a few weeks ago for speaking Spanish to a reporter. In fact, the Spanish spoken by Jeb here is so basic that even English speakers with a rudimentary grasp of the language can probably piece out what he’s saying. I wonder if that was deliberate. What better way to demonstrate cultural fusion than by showing non-Spanish-speaking Americans how much Spanish they’ve picked up idly in the course of their lives?

For the one or two readers who might need it, here’s a translation from MSNBC:

Jeb Bush: Los Estados Unidos de América es un gran país. Gracias a las personas que vienen de todas partes del mundo, contribuyendo a nuestra economía y comunidad. Para mi la cultura hispana es muy importante y positiva.

[The United States of America is a great country. Thanks to the people that come from all over the world, contributing to our economy and community. To me, Hispanic culture is very important and positive.]

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