10 questions I’d like Republicans to answer at tonite’s debate

10 questions I’d like Republicans to answer at tonite’s debate

1. Why should someone who makes the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour support you? How will your presidency directly benefit them in ways that President Obama’s has not?

2. If someone likes their health care coverage under ObamaCare, will you allow them to keep it? If not, why not? How will you reassure them that they won’t lose their insurance if you transition to a new system?

3. The secretary of defense is part of the national command authority, a term that refers to the chain of command in the military and the ability to order the launch of nuclear weapons. If the person you’re vetting to be secretary of defense confesses to you that he or she is a secret atheist, would it make you less likely to appoint him or her?

4. If Soviet combat troops enter Estonia, Lithuania, or Latvia, would you be willing to put American boots on the ground to defend our NATO ally?

5. If China attacks Taiwan, would you use the military to respond with force against China?

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