Telling fat person she has a ‘pretty face’ is a ‘microaggression’

Telling fat person she has a ‘pretty face’ is a ‘microaggression’

Apparently, telling a fat person that she or he has a “pretty” or “handsome” face is a fat-shaming microaggression, because what you’re really telling them is that everything but their face is ugly and disgusting.

In a piece for the feminist blog Bustle, sex educator Jodie Layne explains that although this kind of comment might seem “like it’s actually pretty positive,” it absolutely is not:

“Well, fat people are more than used to being praised for the appearance/attractiveness of their faces and nothing more,” she continues. “It’s likely been used as a micro-aggression against all people of size.”

To me, this seems like questionable logic. If people compliment me on my bracelets, I don’t assume that they’re in effect saying they hate everything else I’m wearing. If someone tells me, “I had fun hanging out with you last night!” I don’t interpret it as, “Every other night we’ve hung out has been a nightmare!”

Layne’s piece is titled “7 Things You Might Not Think Are Fat Shaming That Definitely Are.” Yes — “definitely,” so if you disagree with her, you are definitely wrong.

#share#Other microaggressions on the list include saying “I can’t believe I lost 20 pounds! I feel amazing!”

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