Hungary extends sealed border to Romania, declares emergency, may deploy military

Hungary extends sealed border to Romania, declares emergency, may deploy military

[Ed. – Hungary’s measures are drastic, but think carefully.  No nation is actually expected to do what’s being asked of Eastern Europe:  simply allow an endless stream of thousands and thousands of unvetted people to wander through its lands, with no control of how many come in.  Germany proclaimed a willingness to do that a few days ago, but after being overrun by 40,00 refugees in just one weekend, closed her border on Sunday.  Instead of lecturing Hungary, the bigger, wealthier nations need to come up with a plan that doesn’t involve committing their citizens to babysit a tidal wave of people from a very different culture for the next 30-40 years — and then find themselves outnumbered, and strangers in their own land, at the end of it.]

Hungary sealed off its border with Serbia with massive coils of barbed wire Tuesday and began detaining migrants trying to use the country as a gateway to Western Europe, harsh new measures that left thousands of frustrated asylum-seekers piled up on the Serbian side of the border.

Human rights activists condemned the move, with Amnesty International saying Hungary’s “intimidating show of militarized force is shocking.” But Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended the measures, saying he was acting to preserve Christian Europe, which he said had become threatened by the large numbers of Muslims streaming into the continent.

“The supply is nearly endless – we can see how many of them are coming,” Orban said in a televised address just before the new laws took effect at midnight. “And if we look at the demographics, we can see that these people have more children than our communities who lead a traditional, Christian way of life.”

“Mathematics tells you that this will lead to a Europe where our way of life will end up in a minority, or at least face a very serious challenge.” …

Hungary also declared a state of emergency in two southern regions Tuesday, giving authorities greater powers to deal with the crisis and allowing them to shut down roads and speed up asylum court cases.

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