Great news: Mexican officials want to admit thousands of Syrian refugees

Great news: Mexican officials want to admit thousands of Syrian refugees

[Ed.- Why not?  Just send ’em north if they don’t work out, eh?]

Prominent Mexican officials are calling on their president to open the doors for 10,000 Syrian refugees, though thousands of Mexicans per year are fleeing their cartel-controlled nation and its violence and seeking asylum in the United States. … Other nations south of the porous U.S.-Mexico border have already opened their doors for people fleeing the Middle East. …

An article posted by the built a case for Mexico opening the doors for Syrians. They wrote:

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — […] [T]he Mexican government has done surprisingly little to help the four million Syrians forced to flee their country’s bloody conflict, an exodus that has triggered Europe’s worst migration crisis since World War II. …

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But Mexico’s reticence is starting to change.  

Senators of all political stripes on Thursday implored President Enrique Peña Nieto and his government to allow in as many Syrian refugees as possible.

… A United Nations report published in 2013 revealed that Middle Easterners and people from the Horn of Africa routinely traveled to South America and Mexico to illegally enter the U.S. …

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