As murder rate in DC soars, pols, including president, remain above it all

As murder rate in DC soars, pols, including president, remain above it all
D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier

As the District’s summer of blood seeps slowly into fall, some among us continue to operate in silos, splendidly isolated from what’s happening in the neighborhoods around us .

I have in mind:

  • Capitol Hill and White House enclaves where interest is devoted to affairs of state. It matters not to our national government that so far in 2015, more people have been killedin America’s capital than comprise the entire membership of the U.S. Senate.

But what’s a little mayhem on the streets around the protected federal enclave compared with the unbridled desire of many congressional silo dwellers to rid the United States of Planned Parenthood or close down the federal government if they can’t?

  • For some in the city’s ecclesiastical community, it all comes down to making this month’s papal visit to Washington a heavenly success. For others, what matters is protecting notions of religious freedom and sacred turf. For most, it’s making sure the collection plate, the tithing program and the ongoing need for donations command the attention of congregants, faithful or otherwise.

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