Jeb! ‘The Fist’ Bush: ‘Bam! I’ll come back at ’em’

Jeb! ‘The Fist’ Bush: ‘Bam! I’ll come back at ’em’

[Ed. – I realize the mental picture of this is, um, risible.  But just go with it.  Your Real Candidate Jeb! is getting his fight face on.]

Take it from me: The only way to salvage some dignity from being a beta male is to accept your beta-ness. Posturing as an alpha when you’re clearly not risks the Fudd effect.

… Jeb Bush held up [a photo] that showed him heavier by 40 pounds (18 kilograms) and another of the slimmed-down campaign model.

“That’s a low-energy picture,” Bush, 62, chuckled after the portly version was thrust into his hands in Salem, New Hampshire, site of a town hall event. “This is a high-energy picture,” he said of the skinnier Jeb photo…

Initially stung when Trump, 69, pinned the “low-energy” label on him, Bush is taking a two-prong approach, joking about it and showing more fire on the campaign trail. He plans to take a more aggressive tack at the debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

“If someone comes at me, bam! I’ll come back at ‘em,” he said in Salem, smacking a fist into a palm. “I’ll campaign hard.”

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