Great news: UK Labour Party’s new leader hangs with anti-Semites, terrorism supporters

Great news: UK Labour Party’s new leader hangs with anti-Semites, terrorism supporters
Jeremy Corbyn. (Image: AP, Kathy Wigglesworth via ToI)

[Ed. – Plus — bonus! — he got 59.% of the party vote for the leadership slot, and he’s a hard-core socialist.]

Veteran parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn, whose far-left credentials have found favor in his party even as his overtures to radical Islamists caused concern among British Jews, on Saturday overwhelmingly beat out his three younger and more centrist opponents to become the new head of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party. Corbyn, who has been empathetic to Hamas and Hezbollah — terror groups committed to destroying Israel — is widely regarded as one of the British MPs most hostile to Israel. …

[W]hile British Jews have expressed alarm over what they say are his somewhat dubious ties, Corbyn has hit back at criticism for his associations with pro-Palestinian figures who have espoused anti-Semitic views.

Calling Holocaust denial “vile and wrong,” Corbyn said last month a pro-Palestinian activist he donated money to had not publicly denied the Holocaust at the time of their meeting 15 years ago. Regarding ties to Israeli Islamist Raed Salah, he said the sheikh had not espoused anti-Semitic views at the time of their meeting. …

Corbyn, who six years ago offered to host representatives of Hamas and Hezbollah in the British Parliament, attempted to clarify his position in a July interview with the British TV station Channel 4.

The new Labour leader insisted at the time that he used the word “friends” in “collective way” to describe the extremist Islamist organizations during a 2009 speech, but did not endorse their views.

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