Study: Emotional problems twice as likely in children with same-sex parents

Study: Emotional problems twice as likely in children with same-sex parents

Recent research has dropped a bomb on the incendiary issue of children of same sex parents. In an article published in the British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, American sociologist Paul Sullins concludes that “Emotional problems were over twice as prevalent for children with same-sex parents than for children with opposite-sex parents”.

It will be impossible for critics to ignore this research, given that it is based on more data than any other previous study. Sullins’s study took 512 children with same-sex parents, from the U.S National Health Interview Survey, and compared them with children from biological parents in the same sample, for twelve measures of emotional and developmental problems. The emotional problems included poor behaviour, worry, depression, poor relationships with contemporaries and inability to concentrate.

After examining the results, Sullins found that opposite-sex parents provided a better environment for their children. “Biological parentage” he notes, “uniquely and powerfully distinguishes child outcomes between children with opposite-sex parents and those with same-sex parents”.

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