For some reason, poor Americans still oppose ‘wealth redistribution’

For some reason, poor Americans still oppose ‘wealth redistribution’
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[Ed. – Where these poor ideologues see the inexplicable, a sensible person sees brave shoots of life trying to grow.]

Though inequality had grown, Americans hadn’t become any more supportive of using redistribution to fix the problem. For those over the age of 65, support for redistribution has actually waned as inequality has risen. And for black Americans, a group that is overall more supportive of redistribution than their white counterparts, desire for such efforts also decreased.

In theory, this shouldn’t happen. Growing economic inequality results in more people falling below the mean-income level in the country. In turn, the demand for redistribution should rise, especially among these more economically vulnerable groups who tend to benefit the most from policies aimed at increasing equality.

So why did blacks and the elderly have an increasingly negative view of redistribution? …

“Blacks view the economic system as becoming increasingly fair and are decreasingly supportive of government targeted aid based on race,” the authors write. And they say that this shift in views accounts for about 45 percent of the decreased support for wealth redistribution among the group.

The authors findings suggest that maybe more black Americans have begun buying into bootstrap theories, that working harder will ultimately yield economic equality. They are left somewhat baffled by the responses of black respondents. And rightly so.

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