Atheists upset that prisoners whom pope will visit have made a chair for him

Atheists upset that prisoners whom pope will visit have made a chair for him

[Ed. – Can’t expect people to take you seriously if you’re going to behave this stupidly.]

An atheist group claimed that a hand-carved gift made by Philadelphia prisoners for Pope Francis violated the First Amendment in a recent letter.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter to Louis Giorla,Philadelphia’s commissioner of prisons, outlining concerns over prisoners being used to carve, refinish, and upholster the chair for Pope Francis ahead of his visit on Sept. 27. The pope is scheduled to meet with approximately 100 inmates at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility.

“[The prison system] appears to be showing impermissible favoritism to one religion over all others, and religion over non-religion, by inviting Catholic religious leaders to its facilities and then bestowing gifts on them,” Annie Laurie Gaylor, the foundation’s co-president, wrote in the letter. Gaylor noted that prisoners also made a special chair earlier this year for Charles Chaput, the Archbishop of Philadelphia. …

By inviting the Pope to meet with inmates and presenting him with an expensive gift, the group claimed that the prison is showing favoritism to one religion.

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