Trump: Not just a candidate. A zeitgeist.

Trump: Not just a candidate. A zeitgeist.
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[Ed. – Steve Deace riffs here after Bobby Jindal criticized Trump harshly in a speech yesterday.  I think Chris Wallace’s take on Jindal was dead-on: Jindal knew he’d need to “waste time” criticizing Trump, for Trump’s mean-spirited remarks about Carly Fiorina’s appearance, just so he (Jindal) could get some national media coverage for himself.

When the other candidates know they have to talk about you, just to get some face-time for themselves, you’re officially a Big Effing Deal.]

If you’re going to take on Donald Trump, you have to understand first and foremost why he’s been successful. These are the eight reasons:

1) People are beyond fed up with the Republican Party, and want a paradigm change. Even if that paradigm change is “burn it down.” …

3) The truth is if you spend only five minutes on social media where most Americans live and interact these days, you will see the crudity with which Trump communicates at times is common place. …

4) Many Americans believe America is exceptional, but don’t know why. They want America to win for winning’s sake. Again, you’re dealing with a culture that has seen its historicity and legacy hijacked/abandoned in the last generation. So there is sentiment there, but little foundation. …

5) Trump’s moral failings and ability to successfully rise above them in a worldly sense resonates with a people that have been plagued by a systemic moral breakdown. Especially the way all of his children have become success stories and stay out of the tabloids despite his divorces (which most Americans have suffered through, too). Essentially Trump has a civil testimony they aspire to.

7) People are tired of working for others in general, but illegal aliens in particular. For example, they’re tired of governors who sign Dream Acts for illegals to get free or cheaper college tuition when they can’t afford it for their own kids.

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