Jeb!: Encouraging illegals to self-deport is ‘not an American value’

Jeb!: Encouraging illegals to self-deport is ‘not an American value’

[Ed. – Is there anyone who is NOT clear that Jeb! has no intention of securing our border and getting illegal immigration under control?]

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told a Hispanic audience on Monday that illegal aliens must be given U.S. citizenship, and encouraging them to “self-deport” is not an American value.

Bush made his remarks at church in Orlando, where he discussed his Christian faith and support for amnesty for illegal aliens, the same day a CNN poll showed that 64 percent of Republican voter support deporting illegals.

Self-deportation is another matter: Since the vast majority of illegal aliens commit felonies in order to forge their documents, something like E-Verify could halt fraud in its tracks. No fake Social Security Card, no job, less reason to break into the U.S. Encouraging illegals to leave — and to take their massive crime wave with them — is a moderate solution to America’s immigration problem, but it’s too much to stomach for Jeb.

In a Spanish interview that day, Jeb also told MSNBC he’s “hurt” by GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s comments that criminals from Mexico are illegally entering the country and committing crimes against Americans, such as rape.

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