Obama: ‘I can relate’ to Duke (er … not the lacrosse team)

Obama: ‘I can relate’ to Duke (er … not the lacrosse team)

President Obama celebrated the Duke basketball team’s national championship at the White House on Tuesday, saying he has a lot in common with the Blue Devils.

“I can relate to this program: does well in the classroom, won twice in the past four years, knows what it’s like for people to oppose you no matter what you try to do,” he said during a ceremony in the East Room.

The president’s comment elicited plenty of laughs from the crowd, especially when he brought up one of the most polarizing players in school history.

“When I flip on ESPN and I see a documentary about how people still hate Christian Laettner, a guy who played for Duke 23 years ago, I realize, well, maybe I don’t have it so bad,” he joked. “Or maybe I think this is going to be a long 23 years.”

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