Farrakhan: Bin Laden was a ‘good man,’ Bush and Cheney

Farrakhan: Bin Laden was a ‘good man,’ Bush and Cheney

Osama bin Laden was a “good man” who only decided to wage war against the United States after it broke its Cold War promises to rebuild Afghanistan once Russia was expelled from the country, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said in an address to his followers, a handful of Muslims and several Jews Sunday.

In the video of the address (at 2 hours, 36 minutes), Farrakhan – who spent the better part of an hour-and-a-half attempting to convince Mulsims that he, too, is Islamic – embarked on an explanation of the reasons bin Laden founded al Qaeda, which he called one of two “illegitimate children of U.S. foreign policy.”

The Islamic State (ISIS) is the other, he said, because it was created as the United States “meddled” in the affairs of Middle Eastern nations and sought to overturn countries with dictators, such as Libya, Syria and Iraq. Farrakhan said ISIS had picked up the weapons left by Shiite Muslims in Iraq who no longer wanted to do the bidding of the United States in a war against Sunnis.

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