Who knew? There’s a world ‘arse bombing’ championship

Who knew? There’s a world ‘arse bombing’ championship

[Ed. – And a German recently won it.  It seems to have nothing to do with the unfortunate development at the alternative medicine conference last week.]

On first appearance arse bombing – or as its officially known ‘splash diving’ – is to diving what dancing drunkenly in a nightclub is to ballet. Elegant it is most certainly not.

But it is also a sport which requires a great deal of athleticism… and a bit of bravery too, judging by the sound made when contestants hit the water.

Whereas in diving, contestants are judged upon their ability to land as smoothly as possible in the water, in splash diving points are awarded for the size of the splash that is created on impact. …

[O]ne of the most popular ways of hitting the water is in a position known as”the potato” – a head and knees first impact from a height of ten metres.

Contestants can choose from 13 ways of hitting the water, including the classic ‘arse bomb’ – landing bum first with knees tucked into the stomach. Other shapes are called ‘the cat,’ ‘the chair and – particularly painful sounding – ‘the plank.’

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