Justice Sotomayor still doesn’t have feeling of ‘belonging’ on Supreme Court

Justice Sotomayor still doesn’t have feeling of ‘belonging’ on Supreme Court
Finding her Belonging Place? (Image via YouTube, TH)

[Ed. – Keep your eyes on the prize, shipmates.  It’s not about law and justice; it’s about how the minority with the highest victimization index feels.]

Yet, though she has made history and played a significant part in such far reaching decisions, Sotomayor told the audience that she still feels like an outcast among her fellow justices:

The crowd was taken aback when Sotomayor responded “no” after Thompson asked if she felt as if she “belonged” on the Court.

“I am different and yet I’m not because we’re all engaged in the same enterprise. We’re all trying to come to the right decisions together, and we’re all part of that conversation,” she said. “To that extent, I belong. But will I ever quite feel that I have their same background, their same understanding of the world that I operate on? Not really.”

The lack of diversity on the Supreme Court was a common theme of their conversation. Sotomayor also went into detail, for instance, about how the justices’ professional and religious backgrounds could use a bit more variety…

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