Attorney for Kate Steinle’s killer blames gun: ‘Had no safety’

Attorney for Kate Steinle’s killer blames gun: ‘Had no safety’
Francisco Sanchez, illegal, serial felon, five-time deporte arrested for the murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco.

[Ed. – Brilliant.  A lot of killers could use that excuse.]

Last week Matt Gonzalez–attorney of alleged gunman Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez–agreed with testimony that Lopez-Sanchez allegedly shot Kathryn Steinle but argued that it was the gun’s fault.

He suggested the gun went off without the trigger being pulled because it “has no safety.” …

According to the Associated Press, Lopez-Sanchez’s defense to this point has been that he shot Steinle accidentally.  …

Gonzalez…[blamed]…the gun, a .40 caliber Sig Sauer that had been stolen from a federal agent who works for the Bureau of Land Management. He says the gun “has no safety” and claims “there is no evidence that [Lopez-Sanchez] put his finger in the trigger.”

It is interesting to note that Lopez-Sanchez reportedly told police at one point “that he was shooting at a seal or a black fish.”  He would need to put his finger on the trigger and pull it to do that.

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