Latest from Hillary: Something about women’s issues being in a ‘silo’

Latest from Hillary: Something about women’s issues being in a ‘silo’

[Ed. – A grain silo?  A missile silo?  The imagery isn’t clicking for me here.  I’m not sure the “Hillary’s favorites” household-product push will be a winner either.  For one thing, the possibility that it will involve kickbacks from the favored companies is too obvious.  What was that gangbanger saying about weird white people?]

On Saturday, the Democratic front-runner will launch “Women for Hillary’’ with a two-week effort to enlist the support of female voters that will include house parties, organizing events and trips by the candidate and her surrogates to early voting states, campaign officials told USA TODAY. She’s also aiming to make a personal connection with women by using a marketing campaign that will offer regular subscriptions for home deliveries of some of Clinton’s favorite household items and branded products, according to Jesse Ferguson, the campaign’s spokesman. …

The rollout coincides with the 20th anniversary of the former first lady’s 1995 speech to the United Nations World Conference on Women in Beijing, in which she proclaimed “women’s rights are human rights.’’

Just as that address “pushed the envelope’’ to elevate women’s issues globally, her 2016 campaign is “being more intentionally overt about these issues,” said Lissa Muscatine, Clinton’s chief speechwriter at the time. “That is pushing the envelope at least in the context of a political campaign,’’ she said. “Her whole point is, we can’t marginalize anybody and expect us all to get ahead.’’

Unlike previous presidential campaigns, officials say, Clinton will take women’s issues out of their own silo.

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