Forcing girls to share a bathroom with a gender-confused boy is abuse

Forcing girls to share a bathroom with a gender-confused boy is abuse

Get ready, folks. There are going to be a lot of stories like this over the next few months.

Lila Perry is a teenage boy at Hillsboro High School in Missouri. Apparently, he was a gay male until about ninth grade, at which point he decided he was actually a straight female. This is the sort of “revelation” that, in saner times, would land the confused young man in rigorous psychological and spiritual counseling. But these are not sane times, so instead it landed him in the girls’ locker room.

The school initially offered Perry access to a private unisex facility, but that wasn’t sufficient. Perry didn’t want to be in his anatomically correct bathroom, nor did he want to be in a gender-neutral bathroom. No, he wanted to be in the girls’ bathroom. That’s what he wanted, and because he belongs to a Protected Class, that’s exactly what he got.

Of course, lost in this discussion of what one dude wants is the small, technical matter of what everyone else wants. As far as that goes, many of his female classmates are, shockingly, rather uncomfortable changing in front of a boy, even if the boy wears a skirt and a wig. Hundreds of students staged a protest at the school this week, insisting that girls — real girls, I mean — deserve a private and safe place to undress or relieve themselves.

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