Pope’s chair for NYC mass made by illegals, at his request

Pope’s chair for NYC mass made by illegals, at his request

[Ed. – Reporting on this story earlier in August confirmed that at least two of the workers from the Don Bosco charity are illegals.]

A simple oak chair built by immigrant laborers and devoid of the ornate trappings of power was unveiled Wednesday as the one Pope Francis will use later this month when he leads Mass at Madison Square Garden. …

The chair was built by day laborers from the Don Bosco Workers charity in Port Chester, rather than by expert craftsmen, something that was very important to the pope, [Cardinal Timothy] Dolan said.

“He wanted something very simple. He wanted something wooden. He didn’t want any designs. So we’re very grateful to the workers and very proud of what that represents,” he said.

Past chairs used by popes “usually have an ornate coat of arms. The Holy Father said, ‘Nah, we don’t have to do that,’ ” Dolan said, adding that the pope’s chair is a significant symbol for Roman Catholics.

“A chair represents unity, and a chair represents teaching authority. So wherever the Holy Father goes, you want to pay special attention to the chair,” he said.

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