Maine: Disabled senior who defended himself with handgun has to give it up

Maine: Disabled senior who defended himself with handgun has to give it up
Source: Breitbart

[Ed. – As Christine Rousselle says, the man’s landlord has the right to enforce his no-guns rule.  But the situation does leave Mr. Lembo extremely vulnerable.]

Lembo, who is disabled and uses a motorized wheelchair, had been robbed four times in the six years he had lived in his apartment, with thieves targeting cash and his prescription drugs. Fed up with being unable to defend himself, he purchased a revolver earlier on Monday. Hours later, his purchase most certainly came in handy. Despite the fact that his gun likely saved his life earlier this week, rules of his apartment complex state that he can’t have one. While Lembo calls this policy “bull,” he has agreed to comply. He’s a sitting duck once again.

Park Place Apartments is managed by Stanford Management Co. of Portland. Russ Gagne, director of finance, said the firearm prohibition is part of the house rules for living in the apartments, and tenants sign a lease that requires they adhere to house rules.

“This is to ensure the safety of all tenants,” Gagne said.

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