How well must GOP do among Hispanics to win in 2016?

How well must GOP do among Hispanics to win in 2016?
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Republicans can’t escape the math.

The GOP won’t win back the White House in 2016 without garnering substantially more support from Hispanic voters than it received three years ago. That’s especially true in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, three swing states that are crucial to the party’s presidential prospects and include Hispanic voting blocs that are influential, sizable and growing larger with every election cycle.

Experienced political strategists estimate that the eventual Republican nominee needs to earn at least approximately 35 percent of the Hispanic vote in both Colorado and Nevada to compete for their Electoral College votes and at least 40 percent, if not 45 percent, of Hispanics in Florida. In 2012, Republican nominee Mitt Romney failed to hit these numbers, and lost all three states.

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