How judge’s Deflategate ruling makes Goodell look like a buffoon

How judge’s Deflategate ruling makes Goodell look like a buffoon
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[Ed. – Is someone here a Patriots fan?  Just wondering.  Meanwhile, maybe the NFL does need Condi Rice to step in.]

First, on Page 15, Berman describes how Brady never received advance notice of what his possible punishment might be, a right the judge later describes as being “at the heart of the [NFL’s collective bargaining agreement] and, for that matter, of our criminal and civil justice systems.” …

The next page shows the NFLPA’s lawyer describing how the punishment for first-time equipment violations in the player’s manual that Brady did actually have was a $5,512 fine, not the four-game suspension that Brady got. …

Page 18 shows how Goodell’s reasoning for ignoring the punishment in the player policy manual and going with a harsher punishment was based on an incoherent comparison to steroid abuse, rather than any sort of precedent. …

We all knew that Roger Goodell’s personal conduct proceedings are generally a joke, but it’s pretty satisfying to see it in the cold, hard font of a binding legal document.

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